Looking for a job that offers you both the excitement of a start-up and the stability of your experience? Finday is just the place for you. Our Team mean everything to us, that is why we take hiring them seriously.

The Culture at Finday

We Love Technology

and everything to do with it

We're not afraid of failing

because experience is all about learning

We don't expect to be perfect

but are always seeking ways to be better

Hiring Process FAQs
How many vacancies do you currently have?
We believe talent isn’t on offer seasonally. With our doors open all round the year, you’re more than welcome to apply. We’re always on the hunt for UI/UX Designer and Full Stack Engineers. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of Finday, reach out to us with your LinkedIn profile via mail or register here.
Do you hire interns?
At Finday, we know that the expert in anything was once a beginner. Interns are more than welcome to join the team on special projects. To be a part of Finday, reach out to us with your LinkedIn profile via mail or register here.
What is the salary range that you offer?
Well, for us each employee is priceless. But when it comes to the salary you’ll earn - your education, experience and skills - all come into play. Rest assured, we offer competitive salaries, going beyond just the basics.
What is your selection process?
Advocates of the SMaRT process, it takes a lot to be with Finday. We hope you know, our bar is set quite high with the following process:
Let's say you're the lucky one who’s profile gets selected. What next? You’re bound to receive an invitation from us for an online or on-site interview, depending on your location. Gear up to show us your skills, highlight your passion and unleash your technological fervour. Since our core competency lies in programming, you’ll also have to complete an online test on your analytical and reasoning skills. If you get through this stage, you’re all set for more practical puzzles and a coding round in a language of your choice.
Meet The Team
Got through the initial rigorous screening? Now’s your chance for a meet-and-greet with our senior engineers. Be well-prepared to share your experience and highlight your problem-solving skills. Here’s a hint: Real-life experiences will come into play rather than theoretical knowledge.
ART - Creativity, Cultural fit, Reference Checks, Time Lines
So you made it to the final round? Before sealing the deal, we’d like to discuss some basics here - references, how well you fit in our team, where you see yourself five years down the line, how your culture and values resonate with ours and of course, compensation.
Do have any suggestions to ace the interview?
If you treat an interview like a first date, it will feel like one. Just be yourself, and let your personality shine. Oh, and don’t forget your basics!
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