At Finday, we believe technology has the power to change just about everything we do. We continue to combine our rich experience with industry insights and innovative technology to drive your business. No matter the platform or programming language, we can accommodate your needs. Wherever your organisation is in its digital journey - whether reinventing a single process or experience or building foundational technologies, a partnership with Finday will lead you to your goal.
Web / Proxy Servers
Apache2, Nginx, HAProxy

A crucial part of any organisations IT infrastructure is its proxy server. Finday configures servers to meet the access control, security and communications needs of today's businesses. Our mode of operation makes integration into existing architectures easy and risk-less, while still offering the possibility not to expose fragile web servers to the net. We believe, your company’s security is as strong as its weakest point.

Oracle, Mysql (Percona), NoSQL (Hadoop, Cassandra, HyperTable; MongoDB, ElasticSearch; Redis)

Database management systems are the heart of today's operational and analytical business systems, holding critical business intelligence and carrying out hundreds of thousands of transactions each day. At Finday, we have the depth and breadth of capabilities — centred around deep, robust data sets and powerful analytic capabilities — to optimise customer data management for greater success.

ERP Systems
Oracle E-business Suite 11i / 12, Oracle Fusion Applications

Finday’s efficient team helps enterprises of all sizes leverage the power of ERP Systems while effectively aligning people, processes, data and technology that make your business stand out. From advisory services through software validation, we ensure a holistic approach that minimises disruption and risk to your business.

Linux (Redhat, Oracle, CentOS, Ubuntu), Android, iOS

Today’s fastest growing, most profoundly impactful companies are using operating systems best suited for their business. Choosing an operating system for your platform is a complex and important decision. Let Finday help you make this decision while you surge ahead with a competitive edge.

AngularJS, Node.js, Flask

In today’s time and age, we believe frameworks are shaping the future of web and application development technology. Finday delivers next-generation technology solutions and provides the foundation to help you solve complex business challenges, improve organisational effectiveness, increase business productivity, realise sustainable enterprise value and transform your business inside-out.

Vmware, Docker

Virtualization is fuelling an upheaval in today’s businesses. At Finday, the bottom line depends on having a highly available and resilient infrastructure that scales to meet future challenges right from evolving technologies to business demands. Our solutions improve efficiency, free up resources, and cut costs—without sacrificing performance, security, and existing investments.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

If you ask us, CMS is the key to digital success. In today’s multi-screen economy, Finday simplifies content management. Our expertise in content management helps you build customer experiences on and beyond the web, while empowering you to create, deliver and optimise every piece of content produced.

Amazon, Google

Every organisation, whether big or small becomes intuitively digital by using the cloud as a part of their foundation. With Finday, you’re assured of unlocking new opportunities, deriving new insights and building new business models. We make sure the cloud solution you choose truly reflects the needs of your business.

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